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Interior Design

Many of our projects include interior design within the brief. Our services include everything from concept development, to material specification and FF&E.

Statutory Consents | Other Consents

We work with various statutory bodies in gaining approvals for often very contentious projects in very sensitive sites. We are also accustomed to liaising with various Ecclesiastical groups to obtain separate approvals.

Concept | Developed Design

We like to talk with the Client, dissect the brief, walk the site, (in some cases sleep on the site!) and sketch, draw, measure, model, research and value which helps form an initial response to a project . This begins a continuous process of assessment which develops throughout the entirety of a project.

Lead Consultancy Services

We are accustomed to being the lead role in a project and coordinating the work being carried out by other consultants. We have a depth of experience in this role as this is expected of Project architects that always tend to be ‘at the coal face’ of every project.

Brief Development

Our Clients have varying experience of building and we are sensitive to this. We can assist clients in meeting the requirements of various funding bodies such as ERDF and others.

Measured Surveys

We can provide measured surveys for small projects such as house extensions but would recommend that any works beyond that should be carried out by specialist surveyors.

Feasibility | Sustainability

Some of our tasks include checking planning policy and special designations on a site as well as assessing sustainability principles that might be employed on any given site prior to the involvement of specialist consultants. We also help identify risks at every stage of the project and communicate this to our clients.