Covid-19 Update – March 2020

Dear All

Re: Koha Architects COVID-19 Policy – 18th March 2020

Following the Governments latest advice with respect to the coronavirus pandemic we have taken the following actions & precautions
– Home working for all staff has been set up so they can home work as and when necessary

– Conducting meetings by phone / video link where practical and taking adequate precautions if making site visits.

– Keeping the office open for the time being with social distancing and hygiene precautions to keep effective communication lines open. If it is necessary to close the office in future phone divert and home working will still enable us to keep the office working.

Otherwise it is business as usual for us as we continue to work on our current project load.

We are following the latest Government guidelines and we expect our clients, consultants, contractors and all those we come into contact with to also adhere to this advice. Please click on the links below to Government publications which provide advice. Please note these are regularly updated so please stay informed.

Guidance On Social Distancing


Hand-Washing Techniques

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in what is a very challenging time as we continue to provide our services for our clients.

Best wishes to all,

Koha Team