streetportrait community project

StreetPortrait was the Pilot Project for ColourRiot, a Non Profit Organization created by a colleague of Antony's. The idea behind StreetPortrait was to bring the Community of Penryn together with the soul aim of building relationships.

Antony helped assist the branding of the project and was a major part of the ColourRiot team from inception to completion.

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“Antony was involved with a wide variety of stages within the StreetPortrait project- from the very small tasks, showing the willingness to get the job done to a high standard and an eye for detail; to the larger ones, mainly the collaborative team effort in the branding and preparation of the wall itself. His design work and contribution toward the branding was excellent, particularly the 3D building he drew digitally. He was also a valuable part of the team working alongside the young people on our team (15-18's). ”
    – Rachel Painter, ColourRiot Founder