trevascus farm, gorran

In 2019 Koha Architects completed the refurbishment of Trevascus Farm, a formally derelict farmhouse in Gorran, near St Austell.

The main works comprised creating a new two storey extension to the west of the existing farmhouse, re-slating the existing roof, removing the existing chimney and full refurbishment of the existing farmhouse. In addition, we created a new access track to the north side of the farmhouse and completed various external works.

The project is an exemplary example of sustainable design. Koha utilised circular building principles by using robust, natural and local building techniques, incorporating renewable energy to make the project as close to 'off-grid' as possible, and re-using all of the building and excavation materials on site.

Renewables used included:
• Pv array
• Electrical vehicle charging points
• A new ground source heat pump
(replacing an existing oil tank and boiler)
• A new water bore hole
• New septic tank, drainage field and soakaways provide sustainable soil and surface water drainage

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