westport daycare nz

Gary was the project architect for this development from concept design through to it's completion on site in 2009. This was one of many projects that Gary carried out during his seven years at Dalman Architecture from 2005-2012.

The awesome backdrop of the Southern Alps became the starting point for this design. The organic roof shape ties the building to its physical context.

Robust materials and appropriate detailing were used to combat the heavy winds and rainfall of the west coast. Sustainable design strategies include cedar weatherboarding, a steel frame adaptable for future change and soil retention on site used to form mounds in the outside play area.

Resene | Westport Early Learning Centre


“We would like to congratulate you Gary on your design work for this project. All of our team have commented on the quality of the design and suitability for the site which sets a very good standard for others to aspire to. It is very good for Westport to have a facility so carefully designed and detailed. Congratulations on a building you can be well proud of.”

    – Chris Yeats, Chris Yeats Builders Ltd.